Friday, September 25, 2009

Commitment to Cyclo-Commuting

Several posts ago, I said I'd come back and commit to some level of cyclo-commuting rather than just leave it to chance to see how much I cycle to and from work.

I have given it some thought and my commitment--really this is me talking to myself--is to cycle to work a minimum of twice per week on average. The average will be calculated on a monthly basis.

So there it is. I begin with the week of Monday, October 5.

Wish me luck. If you've got suggestions, I'll take 'em. Some have made them already.

Anyone else out there ready to make a pledge themselves?

Anyone who already has and wants to report on it?

As Tom Russell told me on our 400k brevet organized by the Oregon Randonneurs, regular cyclo-commuting is a good tactic for randonneurs to build a mileage base, keep the wheels turning regularly, etc.

So how can I go wrong?

Keep it pledged,


Update: After committing, I got something in the mail and something at our door.