Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wanna Help Build the Randonneuring Bicycle of my Dreams?

Wanna help build a rando bicycle? Got ideas for mine?

I'm about to start working with Portland constructeur Tony Pereira to build up my randonneuring-dedicated bicycle. One part of me feels this is extravagant, and the other part figures that since the last time I bought a bicycle for myself was almost 35 years ago, I should just go for it. Guess which part won?

Yep, I spoke with Tony, and it's time to submit fit measurements and start thinking about what I want.

What I want? Well, I'm been making my list, so check out what I've been thinking and then chime in.

What kind of lighting?
What kind of front bag?
What would you do?

Here's the list I've been compiling:

  • 650B wheels

  • Grand Bois Hetre 42mm tires

  • What Rims? (I have a set of Rigida Sphynx rims. Any good for Hetres?)

  • Honjo 58mm Fenders 

  • Low trail geometry

  • Internal Brake Cables

  • Custom front rack

  • Tony's custom front derailleur lever (sans cable) or friction-shifting downtube shifter?

  • Downtube mounted friction shifter for rear derailleur

  • 6 - 7 seven rear cogs

  • Chain Rest

  • Double or Triple chainrings

  • TA Pro 5 vis Cranks

  • Paul Racer Brakes

  • Three Water Bottle Braze-ons

  • Level Top Tube

  • Lugged

  • SON 20R Generator Hub (w/delux SL dropouts for wireless connection?)

  • Rear Hub?

  • Schmidt Edulux Headlight (mounted low on the left fork or rack?)

  • Mount for additional battery headlight?

  • Tailights: Generator or Battery?

  • Rear dropout spacing?

  • Bottom bracket? Ideas?

  • Headset? Ideas?

  • Other touches?

I'll be chronicling the the frame construction and build up here over the next several months. For now I'd really appreciate any and all ideas, opinions, or arguments you'd like to make for this or that way of approaching it.

I'd be grateful for any comments, and your shared wisdom would be helpful to anyone who reads it. Thanks in advance!!

The photo at the top is Jon Muellner's Pereira. It was his bike that first got me thinking about Tony Pereira as a possible builder for my ride. Thanks for your help, Jon.

UPDATE: The previous picture I had at the top was actually Tony Pereira's own bicycle. The one you see above is Jon Muellner's. Thanks, Jon!

Keep it building,