Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Prisoner and the High Wheeler

Remember the old TV show, The Prisoner? It didn't last long, but I remember watching it with my older brother and trying to figure it out. I was always afraid of the giant weather balloon, and I was very attracted to the high-wheeler logo for The Village where the main character, a spy who tried to retire, was kept. The Village was a kind of gilded cage where the prisoner, dubbed Number Six, wandered about trying to escape or at least determine who his captives were.

Don't know why but everythng high wheeler I have always found to be fascinating.

You can watch the old The Prisoner reruns if you have On Demand from Comcast. It's free.

And remakes--how could they possibly be as good?--are on AMCTV now. I guess that's why we get to watch the oldies now. Graphic above by Wiki.

Keep it to yourself, Number six,