à Paris!

à Paris! or ah, Paris!: it's all the same sigh. What a grand, evocative and beautiful city. Imagining cycling from Paris to Brest, a city on the Brittany coast, and back to Paris 1200 kilometers later just makes me smile. From a previous visit, I have fond memories with DartrDame standing on a certain bridge over the Seine River, of Notre Dame, of drinking in Jazz in a very late night joint...it goes on.

The Paris Brest Paris Randonnée, the grandpapa of randonneuring, takes place beginning this August 21st, and ends 90 hours later. Ever since I checked in with Dartre just after the 2007 event and we agreed I should give it a try in 2011, Paris has never been far from my inner circle of concentration--always in orbit.

So now reality nears my orbiting imagination, and I am putting onto this page links to all my previous and upcoming posts about my preparations, my custom bike particulars, my nutrition plan, my training plan, my qualifying events, the obstacles I encounter, my fears, and my dreams. I hope you enjoy this exploration of limits...of going beyond one's limits as much as I am.

Frankly, almost everything I've written about in this blog is in some way preparing me for PBP, but the choices below each tell a specific piece of that story. I will continue to add more links here as appropriate, and you can always search the blog by key words (bar at the top left of the page) or click on the topics (in the sidebar to the right) for more on an area of interest to you.

Here I am...à Paris! Just click on the link to find each post:

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  1. Steve - Have been following your blog ever since i rode my first Brevet in mumbai which incidentally was also India's first Brevet.

    This comment is to wish you luck and lots of tail winds on your quest for the PBP ride in a couple of weeks.

    Keep blogging and riding,