Monday, August 10, 2009

What doesn't go squish when you run it over with your bicycle?

One answer is my stepson's, Janak's, arm. The other is something I ran over at about 3am on my journey through the Oregon Randonneurs Alsea Falls 400k Brevet. I know this about Janak's arm because about two years ago we were riding in a nearby park and he fell over in front of me with his arm splayed out. I ran over his little child arm with my front tire...then my rear tire.

I was mortified. I assumed I must have broken his little armie (Where do generals keep their armies? Why up their sleevies, of course!). But I hadn't! He was well enough to crash again a few minutes later and fall into the blackberry bushes. That hurt!

So from experience running things over I don't think I hurt this astonished critter, and he didn't go "Pop"! Any guesses?

The answer to this mystery and more about the Alsea Falls 400k night mysteries to be revealed soon. Too pooped now.

Keep it rested,