It is my contention that this world has gotten too damn serious. Not without good reason, these are tough times to be sure. We could all count the ways.

As an example, I know that I can get obsessive about PBP preparations and such. I go there in a heartbeat. Just ask DartreDame. But, taking nothing from the seriousness of the times, it doesn't mean we shouldn't be silly from time to time. Am I right or am I right? Right.

So on this page I will put the links to my sillier posts, but I'm also sprinkling in some silly (or sweet) photos, most of which are not cycling-related. They are simply reminders that accompanying our responsibilities to making this world a little better, we've also got the Gods-given right to be silly from time to time!

Here are some of my sillier posts:

Here are some sillier photos. You may not know the faces, but I'm hoping the sentiments translate. Here you go:


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