Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Ride for Dartre after the Travails

A few weeks ago, Dartre got back on the bike. It was the first time in too long.

Her travails started by being rear-ended while sitting at a light in her car. She was driven into the car ahead, and she received a serious whiplash.

Several months of recovery later, her knees just stayed swollen. She had been starting to run again for fitness just before the accident, but her knees hurt and swelled up. So when the swelling didn't subside she got MRI's and X-Rays, and learned that in addition to the whiplash she has an early onset of severe arthritis due to a genetic knee placement issue and bad luck. 

This is tough to swallow, so a bike ride was a victory of sorts. And doesn't she look good back on the bike?

She now has to be careful of the knees while she gets back to cycling training. And while she practices patience, she also has to give up the training she loves most: running. That's a big bummer.

As we all know, Life isn't fair. But that doesn't make it easier. It still sucks.

So Dartre back on the bike, carefully, is a good thing. And a smile and sunshine on her face is just beautiful.

Wish her well.

Keep it safe,