Tuesday, January 25, 2011

India Street Sounds, Bicycle Videos & Pics

Here is a montage of Indian alternate forms of transportation, mostly bicycles. The pic above shows one of the classic and ubiquitous Indian bicycles. Lots of versions, but the essentials are similar to this.

Coconut juice and meat are yummy!

 Here is a typical rural cycling scene as we passed through a village in the middle of the threshing season.

Most bicycles aren't necessarily shops on wheels. Most are basic transportation.

Newer models seem to be showing up contrasted with what I remember from my previous two visits.

Even bicycles can't handle some jobs!

The Mysore Mounted Police, an unusual regiment, was headquartered nearby to our accommodations when we visited Mysore. They often cooled down their mounts on the street leading to our hotel.

We rented bicycles at our hotel and took a spin. They didn't fit us well, and many of the adjustments were rusted, but we had a fine ride that acquainted us with the countryside and riding on the "wrong" side of the road. For a post about my first ride in India, check out this post.

 A video of DartreDame and the SingingCyclist on their first cycling in India.

Yours truly on a poorly fitting rental bicycle. I could get a move on out of the saddle though!

A look at a typical rental bike.

For a more urban scene, here is Brigade Street in Bangalore. To hear what an actual Bangalore Street sounds like, check out this audio link.

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