Saturday, October 9, 2010

Now That's a Thoughtful Cycling Partner!

No, this dashing woman isn't my cycling partner, though she looks like she'd be a fun one, yes?
DartreDame, my wife, left me a lovely voicemail this past week that I listened to after I rolled out of bed pretty late. I've been dueling with this sinus infection, and feeling kind of poorly. The message said to check out the middle of the NY Times main section for a story about a bike race in Italy: the Eroica.

As you can read for yourself, the Eroica is an annual ride of stunning vintage bicycles on beautiful Italian lanes. Folks dress in period attire, and eat and drink their way across another space and time with one leg still in our space and time.

What a fabulous idea!

To top it off, Dartre suggested that one day, perhaps on our Italian honeymoon, we too could go and watch...or participate. Bravissimo!! Dartre is one thoughtful cycling partner!!! I guess that front handlebar bag must have really been a hit!

Maybe there is hope of my finagling a vintage high wheeler for my 60th birthday, though our Italy trip will be long before that, Dartre I promise. But let's see, would Dartre look better in a flapper era skirt or a Victorian dress? And, I've always wanted to wear one of those dapper....

In case you go and you'd like a primer on Italian language--hand language that is, the language that counts in Italy--then check out this video of common Italian gestures . Mom, this video contains bad words so I wouldn't go there!

Just thinking about Italy reminds me of the family that owned the little general store and bakery next door to the house where I grew up. Jim and Lena's store at Pierce's corner. Jimmy was from Macedonia I believe. Lena was Italian, and oh how our house lit up when she came over. Loud, and expressive, and fun!

The current Jim and Lena's Market at 417 Wall Avenue in Pitcairn, PA is operated by their son, Dennis. A little older than I, Dennis would cream me on the football field, which is to say our back yard.

That little blue squiggle joining Turtle Creek is Dirty Camp Run, the crick we all grew up in and around. I posted earlier about Dirty Camp Run in a post titled: Prolonged sex, lightning bugs, crick fishing, and...oh yeah, randonneuring.

But we had to keep quiet some summer days because Jimmy would sleep in a hammock out behind the crick since he stayed up all night baking his glorious yummies.

So, imagine loud and expressive and fun on vintage bicycles in heartbreakingly beautiful settings with good Italian food and drink. Heaven on earth. Let's go, Dartre (after France of course). Salud!!

Keep it high and old,