Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Count Us All In!

Last month I committed to the notion of commuting to work (cyclo-commuting instead of polluto-commuting). Then I committed to commuting at least two days/week averaged out over each month. Serendipitously, I got a mailing that very day from our County program promoting commuting by any method other than car. And their threshold was two days per week, same as me!

Today? I got a yard sign (pictured above) from a friendly volunteer who thanked me for my commitment.

Ha! I figured out her ploy just as soon as she stepped off our front porch. She assumes that it will be harder for me to walk past that yard sign in the morning and traipse over to my SUV and turn the key.

And you know what. She is a genius! Of course it makes it tougher to cheat.

But I got news for her. I showed her this month, this October: I already DID commute twice per week by bicycle!

And I did that without the sign. The best part of course is that I loved it. On the bicycle is always good. Tested rain gear one day. Road home at 9:30 one evening, so I tested lighting notions. And I felt more energized at work as I always do when I ride. More energized when I get home too. Funny how that works.

The sign she gave me depicts logos of three sponsoring non-profits from my neighborhood:

Apparently, they are among the sponsors of the program. I love the program, and I love the diversity of our neighborhood. It may be among the poorest in some regards, but as to diversity of people--great people with such vastly varying and uniting experiences--Columbia City and our neighboring communities are the richest in Washington and right up there with many in the entire country. I love our neighborhood.

ReWA logo

And I love that these organizations are on the sign in my front yard encouraging me to be the best I can be: a cyclo-commuter instead of a polluto-commuter.

From the Somali Community Services webpage.

Thanks, Refugee Women's Alliance, Somali Community Services, and Chinese Information and Service Center for your leadership!

I was already familiar with two of the organizations, but not the third. Check them out yourself, or their counterparts in your neighborhood!

DartreDame, of course, knows these organizations well. She happened not to be here today when they delivered the sign, because she's traveling alot these days. Mostly she's working on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It's time to Count Us All In!

Especially, since we count on immigrants every day.

Keep Counting Us All In,


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