Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bangalore's first brevet: 188 Registrants!!

Stop the Presses! I just checked the Bangalore Brevets website to see how they were coming along with their first ever ACP-certified 200k brevet in Bangalore, and they have closed registration it has become so popular!

I greet this news with a mixture of mostly extreme happiness for them tinged with a smidge of my own regret that I won't be there to ride it with them. Their brevet is this Saturday the 15th, and I left Bangalore on the 5th. Darn!

But as I said in my previous post, with a billion people and 8 million alone in Bangalore, they have a great future ahead of them. The photo above is the Start/Finish in Cubbon Park. This is where DartreDame did her fitness running/walking when we were there.

One of the organizers is Rohan Kini, with whom I traded emails but unfortunately never got to meet. He was out of town just when I was in town. Dartre and I did visit his bicycle shop and dropped off a few SIR trinkets and several copies of Bicycle Quarterly, and a few pictures from the visit are below. Rohan's blog, Bums on the Saddle, is here, and is very much worth checking out.

Sidhartha, who works with Rohan at his shop showed Dratre and me around even though the shop was closed. It is a rooftop shop up several flights of stairs. Great space, and from the rooftop you can peer around to other buildings in the city.

Rohan graciously invited me to join his group that met last Saturday to plan for the big event, but again I couldn't because I departed just a few days prior. Not that I'd have been much help. One of the things I need to do this year is start paying back to my own organization by volunteering on our brevets. To date, I've been a freeloader.

Here I am just outside the shop in the stairwell.

Well, perhaps I'll meet Rohan and his gang in Paris this August. I'm sure there will be plenty of tales to tell about their first year of randonneuring. Bonne route, all you Indian randonneurs!

Keep it growing,