Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Times They Are a Changin'

The times aren't really changin'. It's the sunlight at the particular times that's changin', and boy, you can really feel it now. As Dr Codfish told us Northwesterners at the beginning of this past weekend, we had great weather. Translated, that means it was sunny!

When it's dark and gloomy, a few more minutes of end-of-the-day light goes unnoticed. But when it shines, it's great, and you're reminded of how much later it remains light.

On Monday night (Presidents Day), I took off from the house at 4:30pm and returned just before 6:30pm. It was light until just near the end of the ride. I'd have never done that same ride a month ago. It wasn't like that soft, sultry June evening ride at 9:30pm, but it was delightful.

And that got me to thinking about how it was February 21, this evening ride of mine. When is it that our time springs ahead again? I know they've been messing with that (in our favor) for a while. And guess when it is this year?

March 13!

Yippee!! And the first day of Spring is March 20. Wow, this is getting great.

And on Presidents Day, the day of my evening ride, it was exactly 180 days until Paris Brest Paris. The clock is ticking, and the days are thickening!

I guess the times they are a changin'...on March 13, ready or not. I, for one, will be ready to spring ahead!

Chart courtesy of Wiki.

Keep it changin'