Friday, November 19, 2010

Gotta Love Pittsburghers!

Why love Pittsburghers? For starters, I'm one. Or was one, but moved away, but still am in my heart.

For a good look into one of the things I like about Pittsburghers--that they don't take themselves so seriously--check out Ed's Pittsburgh/Beaver County Bicycling Page. The graphic at the top of this post was taken from Ed's page.

But navigate around and you'll see what I mean about Ed's style.
And I love his pics and cartoons. He's even got a photo of the Cyclo-Mower, like the one I posted about. The picture I love best though is the guy toting his deer on his back as he rides his bike. I hunted deer in Pennsylvania (who doesn't there?), and I can just see my buddy Bob doing that. If that's what it takes, why not?

Keep it not too serious,