Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dartre's First Brevet!

Dartre on her way to her first 200k Brevet: the Seattle International Randonneurs Chili Feed 200 on March 13, 2010.

Out of the Saddle.

Hints of an early Spring.

The White River.

Overlooking the Tacoma Tidal Flats.

Here's Dartre at the Start Line with a rider whose name I believe is Tom, up from Oregon for his first brevet with SIR.

Also at the Start Line, our neighbor, Dylan, joins us for a photo. That'd be the last time we'd see Dylan who raced out far ahead of us! Dylan lives across the street and three houses down. That ought to give us the most randonneurs on a block per capita basis!

The really amazing thing about Dartre's completion of this brevet is that she doesn't really prepare or train. Her rides previous to this were this 25-miler with my stepson, Janak, in February, this 40-mile frolic on Vashon Island and the permanent we attempted but DNF'd after 100 miles in January. Other than those, she hadn't ridden at all since her first 200k of any kind: the Three Rivers Cruise Permanent.
Congratulations Dartre!!

Keep it memorable,