Friday, September 25, 2009

Commitment to Cyclo-Commuting

Several posts ago, I said I'd come back and commit to some level of cyclo-commuting rather than just leave it to chance to see how much I cycle to and from work.

I have given it some thought and my commitment--really this is me talking to myself--is to cycle to work a minimum of twice per week on average. The average will be calculated on a monthly basis.

So there it is. I begin with the week of Monday, October 5.

Wish me luck. If you've got suggestions, I'll take 'em. Some have made them already.

Anyone else out there ready to make a pledge themselves?

Anyone who already has and wants to report on it?

As Tom Russell told me on our 400k brevet organized by the Oregon Randonneurs, regular cyclo-commuting is a good tactic for randonneurs to build a mileage base, keep the wheels turning regularly, etc.

So how can I go wrong?

Keep it pledged,


Update: After committing, I got something in the mail and something at our door.


  1. Good on you. For (only) two days a week, look at the weekly weather forecast, and pick your favorite riding weather. Don't be afraid to look for longer, more scenic rides. Nothing like beauty to make you ride more.

  2. Hey Curio -- check out some neighbors' commuting routes, and by all means add your own!