Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In Awe.

I’ve not yet ridden a 600k, or even a 400k, so I am in awe.

The Oregon Randonneurs conducted their Oregon 600XTR over the weekend and judging from the comments it was a humdinger. How about 21,269 feet of elevation? If you’d like some insights into the ride, here is a wonderful photo album that will give you a sense of what it means to ride a 600k, at least as well as any group of photos can: Michael Johnson's Flickr Page.

The elevation graph of the Oregon 600 XTR at the top of this post is from The Kramer Blog. Visit there to get the low down about the route, how such an event is organized, and how some the riders were talking to themselves prior to the ride.

I tip my helmet to all the riders who finished, those who couldn't, and to the organizers! Thanks for the inspiration.

Keep it awesome,