Thursday, September 30, 2010

My new 650B fixie commuter

I'm working on my 600k ride reports, but meanwhile, here is a pic of my new commuter. I got the frame, an old Fuji, from a guy I met in a bike shop. I was telling him about my old Fuji and he asked if I'd like another Fuji frame to fool around with. Price: one six pack of his favorite (some German brew I don't remember) beer. I gave him two, and we were both happy.

Put on my old Ostrich bags, and I've got a nice little commuter that's fixed and with 650B wheels I built myself. They are my first self-built wheels.

Keep it on the road,


Monday, September 6, 2010

A Derby Queen with Her King, An Artist with Her Apprentice, A Stubborn Political Party with Their Turf & Many Questioners...all on the Little Arlington Mambo

DartreDame with Bellingham Bay as backdrop from atop Chuckanut Drive.

DartreDame and I tackled the Little Arlington Mambo 200k Permanent on Sunday, and we had a blast. The weather held out better than expected, and we encountered some curious fellows. One man, in a pickup with his wife, asked me to pull over so he could admire my bike. Turns out he is a 650B convert-to-be, and he is all over the kind of bike I just built up. He ID'd my Nitto water bottle holders, my 55mm Honjo fenders, and my MAFAC brakes without prompts. He was stumped as to my rear hub until I told him it was a Maxi-Car. At that, he questioned whether I was the famous Jan Heine?! Not so, said I, though by him much I have learned.

My ride, in case you too want to admire. Here sporting the Ostrich saddlebag for larger carrying capacity than my little Berthoud pouch allows.

Later in La Conner, Dartre and I sat ingesting some calories from the Pioneer Market and a couple approached. The man, a marathoner and self-described "recreational cyclist", inquired as to whether we were "ultra-cyclists"? I demurred, assuming those RAAM crazies are the ultra-cyclists; we are mere randonneurs. But I suppose it may be one's point-of-view.

As for point-of-view, we happened on these two artists below between Conway and La Conner.

 I particularly like how I captured the tilt of the little girl's head as she takes in her putting down.

Who painted these cows (Belted Galloways or Belties)?

 A cupola in a field.

Never having participated in a barn raising--though my grandfather was raised in Amish country--it made me wonder. Does one build the barn from underneath? Was this fellow just planning ahead? Or could it be that all we see is the exposed cupola that sits atop a buried building like my mother so admires? Hmmm.

Yes, those are Dartre's arms as she stretches in front of the chicken coop. Can you read the yellow sign?

 Our Rivers Court Fishing Derby Queen with her winning King Salmon and winning Smile!

And here's my idea of an emerging political party: a stubborn group that stakes out the high ground and defends it!

As a Capricorn, maybe I should start a new party...? How about the Billy Goat Party?

This was Dartre's third ride of 200 kilometers! Congrats to DartreDame! And her secret training secret? She doesn't train! Go figure.

And as to the details of my no-longer-so-new bicycle, I promise to dedicate some future posts to the details.

Keep it on the High Ground,