Monday, May 10, 2010

Sputnik Hub Detaches from Orbiting Cog

In previous posts about repairing the Sputnik Hub I created by failing to remove the cog and freewheel before removing the spokes and rim, I told all about my boneheaded maneuver. I was left with what the owner of one bike shop called a "beautiful paperweight". Nothing could be done, he said.

Well, that just left me determined to find a way, and thanks to one of the commenters, Will deRosset, I finally did it. Will suggested putting several spokes back into the hub and lace them back onto the rim. I still had a tough time though and even with a chain whip I couldn't crack it.

VAR Tool 365, Freewheel Vise, depicted here from none other than Sheldon Brown's reprint, helped me hold the fixed cog fixed while I turned the wheel as shown below.Voila!

You'll notice I removed the axle and bearings so the hub would sit onto the freewheel vise (VAR 365).

The now fixed cog has now been liberated from the hub, and I only have to remove the spokes/rim and reassemble the axle and bearings. TA DA!

Thanks, Will!

Keep it as a lesson learned,