Sunday, January 31, 2010

Casting Shadows Again, Hot Diggity...

Dog Diggity!

Dartre and I took the 15 minute ferry ride over to Vashon Island for a 40 mile tour and the sun came out, and all the world took on a happier face. It felt glorious to have the sun on our backs and to be casting shadows once more! But wait, could this be foreshadowing six more weeks of Winter per that rough-furred little rodent? We'll see.

What follows is our photo collage from a January 31 Winter day of cycling. Be prepared though. There are plenty pics of us posing. We just couldn't get enough of that sunshine.

See the bicycle in the bottom right corner of the building? Does it get covered in saltwater when the tide comes in, or does that floating building still float?

Dartre didn't get enough miles in on our planned ride so she knocked off another 10 miles on the stationary bike at the Vashon Island Gym!

If you're unfamiliar with Lutefisk, check it out here.

The shrine of the ancient bicycle. When I grabbed the handlebars for a photo I got a big in electrical shock. Is it possible that the tree stored electricity that got passed through the metal bars into my bare hands since I had metal cleats on, or...?

Our good friend the setting Sun is reflected in the ferry's wake as we headed home.

Keep it sunny,