Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Motion

Just a few days ago I commited to commute to work by bicycle a minimum of two days per week averaged over a month's time. I had earlier commited to start commuting by bicycle, but I had to really think about what constituted a solid numeric commitment I could keep.

Two days seemed like a good number. I figured it would get me started and take away the "I'll do it when I can" non-plan that I'd been on. The result of the non-plan was uneven patches of commuting by bicycle followed by long periods of driving only.

Well, look what appeared in our mailbox today! A big, colorful set of cards encouraging me to pledge to reduce my drive-alone trips by at least twice per week. And if I commit online or by sending back the card they'll reward me with passes, gift certificates, all manner of goodies.

In Motion, a program of our King County Government, is the driving force. By signing up today they're going to send me other cool things like an In Motion Yard Sign.

I guess other neighborhoods have been doing this already, but my neighborhood, Columbia City, is up to bat now.

So, how is all this for timing? I said I wanted to do two days a week by bicycle, and they send me this whole packet. Makes me wonder whether King County Government employees have been reading my blog?!

And just yesterday I posted about planning and what the lack of planning leads to. Hmmm. It's all a little too eerie.

Just for perspective, there are many, many who commute every day or even more...have given up their oil burning beasts. They should know: they are inspirations to the rest of us. Thanks!

Thanks also to those who passed along commuting tips and resources!

Keep it In Motion,


Update: Look what came to my door today.

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