Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boy, Could I have used Cyclo-Mower!

Growing up, one of my chores was cutting the grass, and we had a big yard. I mostly used a push mower because even then I eschewed power tools when possible. My older brother had already got me leaning in that direction as we had every issue (from literally Volume 1, Number 1) of the Mother Earth News.

Also, we didn't have our own mower, and I hated the feeling that the power mower that we borrowed was going to break down on me because well...it usually did. Truth is I eschewed power tools out of both my Mother Earthiness and my Power Tool Phobia.

When I spied this custom cycle just out of Walla Walla, I just had to capture it. It would have made grass cutting so much fun! Well, sort of.

I would have stopped to see whether I could buy this sucker, but Dartre wasn't thrilled as it was with my stopping to capture it photographically. Maybe if I plied her with Mother Earth News for a few years she'd make the connection?

Keep it sharpened!