Monday, October 12, 2009

Purple King Kong Crashes Kitsap Color Classic

Yep, as the sun peeks up over the horizon for the day, Purple King Kong, seen above and below, ambushes riders heading for the Edmonds ferry to attend the Kitsap Color Classic a week ago. The ride was sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club. See how Purple Kong reaches for those bicycles on the cars?

Queuing up for the ferry from Edmonds are those smiling ones who escaped Purple Kong's wrath.

First stop, gazing at Mt. Baker across the sea. Note Dartre's kneewarmer-shorts transition. Who's gonna be the first to find the solution to this problem? One of my cycling pet peeves!

The approach to Port Gamble alone made the ride worthwhile.

At Port Gamble.

Just past Poulsbo, the seals (sea lions?) are kickin' back.

Halloween was in the air. This on the side of a tented carport. Yikes! Bet it's great at night.

Pitstop Plum...Yum.

Norwegian-themed restroom. No, I was not sacrificing Dartre to the Norse gods of the sea or cycling or some such. Just an unfortunate juxtaposition.

Dartre shows a little leg. Niggling kneewarmer issue, I tell ya. Is she the Fay Rae Purple Kong was seeking?

The original Fay Rae, who when told she was being asked to star opposite the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood. asked : "Calrk Gable?" Nope. King Kong.

Curio ponders curiously while awaiting the ferry home. Hooked up with a few old work colleagues here.

Salt-craving Dartre aboard the boat for the ride home: "Give me Chips!"

Purple Kong was not there on our way home from the ferry terminal. Did Purple Godzilla get him?

You thought I was crazy, didn't you? The Polish believe King Kong is purple!!

In the end, we headed home and Purple Kong didn't get my gal. A good day cycling!

Keep Purple Kong away from your gal,