Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, the Possiblities: Brevet Schedule for 2010!

The Seattle International Randonneurs has posted our 2010 Brevet Schedule. Yippee!

My mind runs wild:

  • Will I do my first ever 600k in 2010?

  • Will I do an even longer brevet?
  • What will my wife (DartreDame when she posts here) do next year now that she is a member?
  • Will we succeed in recruiting our certain friend to join too? Or someone else?
  • Will we make new friends?
  • Will I ride faster and make shorter Controle stops next year?
  • What new weather challenges await?
  • Will I get an SR series in by June for PBP purposes?
  • What will my new designed-for-Randonneuring bicycle be like to ride (go here, for details)?
  • What critters will we see?
  • Any new weather phenomenon?
  • Will I begin to feel ready for PBP, and how will I start to panic, feeling unprepared?
  • What new insights will 2010 Brevets bring to my life?
  • Will I complete my first R-12?
  • How will volunteering for the first time change my views, if at all?

Where does your mind go?

What big randonneuring adventures in 2010?

How are you preparing now?

Here's the SIR 2010 Brevet Schedule:

Date            Brevet                   Organizer

2/28/10 Sun       Spring Populaire (RUSA)      Suzanne Nowlis

3/13/10 Sat        Chili Feed 200K (ACP)        Mary & Greg Cox

3/20/10 Sat        Bellingham 200K (ACP)       Dan Turner/Matt Dalton

3/27/10 Sat        Spring 300K (ACP)             Gary Prince/David Harper

4/3/10 Sat          Bellingham 300K (ACP)       Dan Turner/Matt Dalton

4/15-18/10         Fleche NW (ACP)               Carol & Ralph Nussbaum

4/21-25/10         Wenatchee Camp                 Mike McHale

4/25/10 Sun        200K (ACP)                       Wayne Methner

5/15/10 Sat         Spring 400K (ACP)             Joe Llona

6/5/10 Sat           Spring 600K (ACP)             Jeff Tilden, et al

6/26-30/10          Cascade1240 (RM)             Mark Roehrig

6/26-29/10          Cascade 1000K (ACP)       Mark Roehrig

7/10/10 Sat         Summer Populaire (RUSA)   Paul Johnson

7/24/10 Sat         Summer 200K (ACP)           Josh Morse

8/7/10 Sat           3 Volcanoes 300K (ACP)     Amy & Robin Pieper

8/19/10 Thu        Summer 1000K (ACP)          Mark Thomas

8/21/10 Sat         Summer 400K (ACP)           Mark Thomas

8/29/10 Sat         Mountain Populaire (RUSA)  Noel Howes

9/11/10 Sat         Summer 600K (ACP)           Robert Higdon / Chris Gay

9/12/10 Sun        Summer 200K (ACP)            Robert Higdon / Chris Gay

9/18/10 Sat         SIR/ORR Dart (RUSA)         Peg Winczewski

9/24-27/10         WA-OR 1000K (ACP)         Vincent Muoneke/Geoff Swarts

9/24/10 Fri         WA-OR 400K (ACP)           Vincent Muoneke / Geoff Swarts

9/25/10 Sat        WA-OR 600K (ACP)            Vincent Muoneke / Geoff Swarts

Great THANKS to all the individual Brevet Organizers, our RBA Mark Thomas, and the volunteers who make such dreaming possible!

Just in: the Oregon Randonneurs 2010 Brevet Schedule. Yippee, again! And great THANKS to ORR RBA Susan France and the ORR individual Brevet Organizers and volunteers for their dreamweaving too!

And now, check out the 2010 Brevet Schedule nationally at the Randonneurs USA site. Pick your location, and find a ride!

Keep it dreamy,