Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have pre-registered for the Paris Brest Paris Randonnee! As most know, the pre-registration is based on the longest brevet each rider completed in 2010. And if there is going to be a larger number of applicants than slots available--which is still uncertain--then this earlier pre-registration is important.

In any event, I'm in and I don't have to worry. That feels great. Now it's just finishing the 400k and 600k to qualify.

My Registration Number is US-1451. That means there were 1451 registrants worldwide as of when I pre-registered. I think that also will become my Rider Number that is attached to my bicycle. If so that may also be the way to track me en route. We'll see.

One thing I'm proud about is that I persevered to get my 600k done last year. I attempted the Willamette Headwaters 600k in Oregon, with more climbing than I was prepared for...and I abandoned. Some serious lessons learned then. I regrouped, cast about for another opportunity and attempted and finished the Surf City 600k out of Santa Cruz. More lessons learned, but I did it.

I know some who couldn't finish a long brevet last year--including some who were plagued with serious physical limitations not of their own making--and I wish you, my buddies, plenty of opportunity for you too to qualify this year. There is much discussion of quotas, but clearly not all those eligible are utilizing their spots. I do hope that any of you who wish to go get your shot to go too!

Keep it hopeful,