Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living!

Larry McQuien, may you rest in peace.

Larry McQuein was riding his bicycle in the Fort Worth, Texas area last Saturday when he was struck by a driver traveling in the same direction on a road with no sight obstructions. The driver's car "veered into" Larry. It has been reported that Larry was cycling at the time with his son who was following some distance behind.

For the news report and a little about who Larry was as a person, not just as a cyclist, go here and here.

For a local columnist taking state lawmakers to task for their failure to protect Larry and all cyclists in Texas, go here.

For more information about how Oregon passed "Vulnerable Users" legislation, see my post reviewing the movie ironically titlted Veer.

For movement in Washington State toward following the lead of Oregonians and passing "Vulnerable User" legislation, go to Publicola.

For background on Mother Jones, the famous union organizer who coined the phrase that became the title of her autobiography: "Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living", go here.

Our hearts go out to Larry McQuien's family. To honor him and protect ourselves, let's fight like hell for Vulnerable Users legislation, three feet laws, and/or other measures to give cyclists their fair share of space and respect.

Keep him in our prayers, then advocate and fight for our rights,


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