Monday, May 31, 2010

Croak! Splat. Croak. Sigh...Hmm...Hmm...Huh.

Pedaling along I came upon this scene. You may have to download photo for full effect.

Croak! went the Frog.
Splat went the tire.
Croak again went the Frog.
Sigh went the Slug, slowly slithering out of the Frog's...newly splatted croaker.
Hmm went I.
Hmm again went I.
Huh, I concluded.

On Saturday, I did the Mountain Loop Permanent #320. This time I did it clockwise which put the 14 mile dirt section as ascending. It proved much better for me and I completed it in much less time and well within the controle time limits. Last week, I did it counterclockwise and missed the Darrington controle cutoff time. In order to preserve my R-12, I needed to get it in before May ended, and so I did.

The rain stopped remarkably just long enough for me to ride the 14 miles of dirt. Other than that, it pretty much rained.

A Cyclist's delight: leashed and well-trained dogs.

Big old tree.

What the big old tree sees looking upstream.

Same tadpole hole as last week. You can't tell, but I could: the little Taddies are getting hind legs!

After the roadside scene depicted above, I serenaded the Taddies again, this time with admonitions about crossing roads and such when they grow up.

I hope they were listening...or it could be Cheep, Cheep, Ribbet......................................CROAK!

Keep it alert,


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  1. glad you got your ride in on time and not the LAST MINUTE. poor little frog.