Sunday, July 25, 2010

Physical Therapy: A Cyclist's Best Friend

Wiki ankle diagram.

So, no more shin pain after yesterday's 200k brevet (post forthcoming)! Could be that it was half the elevation of the Mt. Rainier Sunrise Climb. But I think it is mainly because of my physical therapy session this week.

Here is how Dartre's and my PT, Betsy, describes what she did:

I did a basic subtalar manipulation (traction).

Sometimes that joint can get slightly off causing there to be decreased dorsiflexion range of motion which causes the anterior tibialis and or posterior tibialis muscles to overwork. It often makes the ankle feel stiff and we will try to get motion wherever we can in the rest of the foot/leg complex.

All I know is I'm happily pain free. She described it to me at the time as there are some techniques that you know whether they work immediately. This, a rapid tug on my ankle on the exhale of a deep breath, seemed to work right away though I was less sure due to the residual inflammation.

Yippee, is what I say!

Keep it tugged,



  1. It was fun riding with you this past weekend. Thanks for staying with me towards the end. That Pereira is beautiful!

  2. Great to ride with you and Chris and Alan. I progressed from Lantern Rouge to one of the Fab Four! Yes, I'm liking the Pereira too.

  3. Thanks again for sticking with me for the first 70 miles! I don't think I would have made it that far without the company but by the time we parted I was overheated and done, done, done. I made it just about to the next info control but by that time I was just dragging along. I'm glad you managed to catch up with Chris and Narayan though. Next time I'll be there at the end with you all. I'm actually going back this weekend to do the Tumwater-Mossyrock permanent. Got to get back on the horse.

  4. Chris
    You'll be there with us next time...for sure! Though to set the record straight, I was chasing YOU for the first 50 or so miles since I went back for my bottles. I know some guys who also may be doing permanents or long rides out of the Oly area Friday and/or Saturday. Should I pass your name along?