Sunday, June 5, 2011

New York Times Talks Randonneuring and PBP

Former RUSA President and current Seattle International Randonneurs RBA, Mark Thomas, posted a link to the listserve about a New York Times story on randonneuring and the 2011 PBP. Not bad for the mainstream press.

Check it out!

Picture courtesy of the New York Times. It's a pic of the New Jersey Randonneurs during a 200k Brevet.

Keep it fit to print,



  1. check what out, exactly?

    the link to SIR?
    the link to NJ Randos?

    csnnot find a link within the post to the NYT ariticle.

    Not even a def'n of which listserve.

  2. skiffun:

    Thanks for the catch. I've inserted the link to the NYT story.