Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Handlebar Bag...without a front rack

Dartre's ride with her new Gilles Berthoud handlebar bag.
Dartre's birthday came rolling around so I crafted a way for her to carry more when we go out riding. No, just kidding. I did get her this new Gilles Berthoud Model 192 bag, but I used it as camouflage to be the box for a little something that I knew she'd really like for her birthday.
Nonetheless, the GB bag was also a hit. And why not? Check this out.
If you'd like a place to put your cue sheet, but don't have a front rack on your carbon fork, then here you go. Additionally, if you'd like to carry a few light items up front, have a zippered pocket, and a bag you can easily remove and carry like a purse with its strap, then this is it.
It uses the Gilles Berthoud Klick Fix mounting system so the bag swings off very easily yet is most securely fastened when mounted.

For a more thorough review, check out this description from the Rene Herse Bicycles website (you'll have to scroll down the page). I don't like promoting commercial items, but here I make an exception. If you want that handlebar bag with all its advantages but aren't ready for a full on conversion to a front loaded bicycle, then this might suit you just fine.

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  1. I haven't gotten to use it yet, but it sure looks great and fixes my problem of not being able to have a place to put my cue sheet. it is just the thing for when i do my more extended rides by myself (well, i've done one but intend to do more) and can't rely on CurioRando. Not to mention that even when I am with CurioRando, I HATE, HATE, HATE not knowing where we are going and am constantly bugging him to tell me what's next. Voila! This solves that problem and ensures marital bliss forever!

  2. " ...and ensures marital bliss forever!" WOW! I'm gettin' one of those for Mrs Codfish!

    OBTW: In a previous post you metioned sage advice about what to do BEFORE one abandons a brevet(rest, eat, drink etc.) I just want to make this disclaimer: That was not original thinking. It's been arounsd a long time, I suspect some archaeologist unearthed it scratched into a stone tablet, buried in Alpine glacial till, in the clutches of a freeze dried, wool clad randoneur next to his petrified Rene Herse bike.

    I don't actully know who deserves the attribute but I suspect heard it first form Ron Himshoot, the origianl ancient randonneur, and I bet he'd tell you he heard it from someone else.

    anyway, great writing and very inspiring how you wrestled that demon to the ground and then doggedly rode away leaving him to sulk in the dust.

    Yr Pal Dr C