Thursday, September 30, 2010

My new 650B fixie commuter

I'm working on my 600k ride reports, but meanwhile, here is a pic of my new commuter. I got the frame, an old Fuji, from a guy I met in a bike shop. I was telling him about my old Fuji and he asked if I'd like another Fuji frame to fool around with. Price: one six pack of his favorite (some German brew I don't remember) beer. I gave him two, and we were both happy.

Put on my old Ostrich bags, and I've got a nice little commuter that's fixed and with 650B wheels I built myself. They are my first self-built wheels.

Keep it on the road,



  1. Sweet! It looks great and I'd love to hear more about this bike. I recently bought a friend's KHS Flite 100 track frame on the cheap knowing it was a touch too large. I've been contemplating putting 650B's on it to make the stand over more tolerable and to have a commuter fixie that can tolerate some less than ideal roads.

  2. Thanks much. I am not sure how much you gain in standover if you go with fatter 650B tires, which for me: fatter is the point. What happens is the fatter profile makes up a good deal of the difference gained from the smaller rim diameter.

    I like the fatter 650B for the cushier ride, especially through industrial area commuting. But then, getting fatter tires to fit an old frame can be challenging too. I just got some fenders to put on this ride, and we'll see whether they cause me to go with skinnier tires.

    But, if you are really just looking to shorten the bike, I'll bet you're right on if your tires aren't too fat.

    I went over to your blog, and found there another blog with animation. Might that be your work? Really great stuff!