Thursday, October 7, 2010

I just discovered Cycling Podcasts

I got a new phone, which meant I got apps, which meant I got podcasts, which naturally meant I got into the cycling podcasts. The first podcast I found, on T-Chatter shown above, was a podcast featuring Jan Heine on what makes a comfortable bicycle. If you follow Jan's work, there isn't anything startlingly new, but it is good to hear his voice rather than just reading. He also describes some of his tire inflation recommendations more fully. I highly recommend it. And don't forget my interviews with Jan, if you haven't read those transcripts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Georgena Terry, the host of T-Chatter, is a knowledgeable cyclist and good interviewer. She also hints that she will do another future podcast on Jan's concept of planing, which has been an elusive idea for many. I look forward to that one!

Next, I found FredCast, hosted by David Bernstein, pictured blurrily below.

FredCasts are wide ranging, but all about cycling. And if you haven't been following FredCasts yet, good for you! You have at least 167 episodes to catch up on before you become current! Lots of cycling talk.

I am now a big podcast fan. Earlier, I was wondering: what's the bid deal with podcasts? I have always liked stories, listening to stories, and hearing inflections and nuances that you just don't get in the written word.

Check them out. And if you find some you think are particularly good, please don't bogart that podcast. Pass it along!

Keep it alive,



  1. I'll have to check out fredcast. I really enjoy the Bike Show on Resonance FM, the KBOO bike show out of Portland, and the on again, off again San Francisco bike cast, Hmmm, can't find it quite yet.

  2. You gotta listen to Jack Thurston of The Bike Show -

    The rando off-season is the perfect time to catch up on all his shows. Some are dogs, but overall, Jack is the best of them out there. His rolling interviews are brilliant!! No kidding! Enjoy.
    BTW, all the past shows are available on iTunes.

  3. Great suggestions!

    I haven't listened to alot just yet, but have downloaded for our long flight to India in December. I love the podcasts, the storytelling, but it's the time bind of when to listen.

    Oh wait, next brevet or permanent! Why didn't I do that on last Saturday's permanent?