Monday, February 7, 2011

Fendies on my Fixie

The top photo is a close-up of the component parts of the "Spring Thing" I bought from Velo Orange to help convert my old Fuji fixed gear from 700c to 650B. As you can see in the second photo (from the Velo Orange website), this contraption allows for the proper installation of the rear fender on horizontal dropouts by allowing for adjusting the distance from the front of the rear fender to the chainstay bridge. Also, one can install a wheel where otherwise there is little clearance by pushing the fender forward a little. Clever.

Clearly, you could build up your own "Spring Thing" yourself, but I hadn't even thought of it until I saw the Velo Orange "Spring Thing".

Here, you can see the "Spring Thing" in service.

Here is the rear wheel now properly fendered.

Front Wheel.

Now, I just need to figure out a new rack/brake interface. Not quite happy there.

Keep it springy,



  1. Have I raised a mechanic, after all?

  2. That spring thing is really clever - will it allow you to flex the fender enough so you can remove the rear tire without having to deflate it?

    That is a classy-looking bike! Very well done.

  3. That is a substantial amount of visible seat post my friend!

    Are those the wheels you built?

  4. First, Mum, I am anything but a mechanic. I don't mind tinkering, but I have no real skills here. That lack of skills has not, however, dimininshed my appreciation for fine tools!

    Second, Big Oak, as long as your tire fits through the brake if you've got one there, it should.

    Third, Jansen, yes, it is a whole lot of seat post. I got the frame cheap, and it fits me horizontally, but is too short vertically. Hence, my custom bike that builds in my singular dimensions. I seem to be longer in the leg than in my not-so-limber-back. That's why the long seat post. It really would fit someone else better than it fits me. And, yes those are my first self-built wheels.