Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Randonneuring Bicycle, Part 4: Let the Build Begin!

Tony Pereira sizes up the old Fuji to get a take on my bike fit.

DartreDame and I visited Portland a few weeks ago to visit with Tony and Dartre's sister and family. It was great to connect up with Tony. He is very knowledgeable; that comes through. He's a good listener, and his bikes are beauties.

He also discovered something about my old Fuji. What was it? That's another post. For now...the build begins. Hot Diggity Dog Diggity!!

Tony has moved to his new shop, and we got to peek at old builds, different paint schemes. Fun.

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Keep it true,



  1. Wow. A mystery!

    It was cracked at the drive-side rear dropout? You've ridden a lot of years on that machine.

    It was bent? (my actual guess, given that you'd had to replace the fork).

    Moving afield,

    It had been sneaking out for rides with others and had twice as many miles on it as you'd thought?

    It was actually a Trek? It was a rebadged Colnago?

    Do tell!



    William M. deRosset
    RUSA 2401

  2. Very clever guessing, WdR, but it's too early to reveal the secret to this mystery.