Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Randonneur Cross Training: Snow Boarding!

Now this was a first for me: Snowboarding. Had it not been for my son, Mike pictured below, I'd have never tried it. We took my stepson up to Snoqualmie for his first ski lesson, and Mike and I decided to take a Snowboarding lesson.

Wow! I can tell you I am sore today. I bet I fell at least 30 times! By the end of the day I was getting the knack of it. Not competent, but clearly getting the idea of it and the feel of it. What fun! I gotta imagine it is good for the legs. I like skiing too, and DartreDame (my wife, Pramila) skiied with my stepson, the SingingCyclist or Janak, after his lesson.

Mike was visiting for the holidays so it was great to get him out despite a rather dismal day of snow sports in the rain. Apart from a few brief moments of snow, it pretty much rained constantly. Not great for Mike who lives in Colorado. As one guy on the lift told me: you can pretty much dust the snow off of you in Colorado, but here it just soaks you. But wet or no, it was good to be outside with Mike, home for the holidays!

Wet we were, but whetted were the appetites too...for more adventures in the Winter season. And if you canted your head just so and squinted at just the right time, you could even discern the slightly longer daylight. Ah anticipation!

Keep it leanin' uphill,


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