Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Indian Randonneuring Website!

I don't consider myself a photographer, but India is a colorful country and even I catch a bit of luck now and then (even if I did seem to cut off a few heads in my pic above!).

There is much to love of India, but most of all it is the Indian people. All types are there of course, like everywhere, but the generosity and gentleness of Indians is what I like most.

So pardon me please, as I once again point you toward a magical country in which I will someday randonneur. I hope to return this December, and I have no idea whether randonneuring is possible this trip, but you can bet I'll be investigating!

The picture above was taken in Rajasthan. We were in a car about to enter a toll booth at the entrance to a new, modern road. To our left was this group of women--women are often the construction workers--who were as interested in me as I in them.

Other places I saw women sitting along a road pounding rocks into gravel to create a bed for the new road. Talk about patience!

The roads, for the most part, are not so good by our standards. But cycling through Indian villages, I can only imagine, would be a wonderfully generous and gentle experience. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I'll grab my vicarious pleasures via the internet, that other road that runs through India and by Indians the world over. And for randonneuring purposes, please check out another Indian Randonneuring site: Randonneurs India.

For more on randonneuring in India see my previous post.

Keep it vicariously,


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