Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Randonneuring in India: My Dream Comes Alive!

Imagine beginning a brevet in Bombay! I've never bicycled in India (the family I visit there insists it is a crazy idea), but I sure want to.

Now, I can not only bicycle there, I can randonneur. All thanks to Randonneurs India, a new Audax Club Parisien-cerified organization that began near as I can tell in late 2009.

I'm gleaning all this from a website I just discovered: The Singular Randonneur. Check out their nascent organization.

And while you're imagining, check out a few of my previous posts of cycling and India here and here.

And remember, with a billion Indians and millions and millions of bicycles, there's got to be quite a few future randonneurs pedaling around right this minute.

Keep it dreaming big,


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  1. You have been very kind and your interest in us has been very encouraging to me personally!At present it is just a one man show!Hopefully after the 1st BRM others will volunteer for the organizational and financial nightmare :-)

    Also check out