Friday, November 6, 2009

Biker Mike McGinn is Gonna Win the Election for Mayor of Seattle!

Mike McGinn is poised to be the next Mayor of Seattle!

As I write this he just jumped ahead, increasing his lead by a good measure. Here's the Seattle Times' take.

As when I posted my endorsement previously, I think this is a very good thing. But since that post, I feel so much more sure of it. I've discovered people who knew Mike before he ever ran for Mayor, and they talk about his genuine goodness with high regard. That says a great deal.

And like others, I watched Mike grow in front of our very eyes. Such can be the world of politics. Our Seattle ended up taking this election very seriously, and put the candidates to the test. Good people grow when tested. Yes, even in our cynical world, each of us can continue to grow, so why not our politicians? The question for us is whether we will take this opportunity to continue growing. It's not all up to Mike.

I'm also pleased that it looks like feet on the street, phone conversations, street smarts, appealing to the better in voters, and inspiration are defeating money and more money. Mike was outspent three to one, but he is going to win! That says a great deal about him...and us.

I was pondering a post about what Mike as Mayor, Mayor Mike McGinn, could do for us cyclists. But that's so old politics.

The proper ponderings are:
  • What do we want to make of our Seattle with Mike as Mayor?
  • What to we want to express with Mike as Mayor?
  • What do we want to create with Mike as Mayor?
Part of our problem as voters, no matter who has led us, is that we've depended on our leaders way too much. Mike's election is an opportunity for us to make a new start too. As cyclists, what is the Cycling Seattle we want to build? How do we pursue our better and higher instincts and get creative to make it our reality? How do we use cycling to lift us all up, particularly those with lesser means and fewer opportunities? Cycling ought to make cities more liveable for those most often left behind. It must be more than a privelege for those with means.

Cities around the globe are making and living out bold plans to tackle global warming, live more healthfully, consume more equitably, and enjoy being outside in our natural world. So can we.

And of course, there is so much more to our Seattle beyond cycling. Mike will need our energies there too.

Are you ready, Seattle? Time to get creative and dig in again!

If it wasn't already clear, among other things Mike is a cyclist.

Keep it renewed


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