Thursday, October 15, 2009

Biker Mike McGinn for Seattle Mayor!

Mike Bikes! And I, CurioRando, endorse Biker Mike McGinn for Mayor of Seattle.

Now, Mike bikes with an electric bicycle, but that's cool. To me it sends a message to folks who think they couldn't ever bicycle to work that maybe there are alternatives to racing bicycles and lycra: electric bicycles, bus-bicycle combo, bicycling once/month, bicycling one way (downhillish?) and taking light rail home (uphillish?) are but a few examples.

Do you think a guy who bicycles all over town understands our issues? I do.

Do you think his opponent, who I've heard fairly dismiss cycling as any kind of serious solution, gets our issues? I don't.

What about non-cycling issues?

I like Mike because while I believe that Mike, just like his opponent, has lots to learn about governing a biggish city, he has spent much of his life bringing collective solutions to critical issues. He's led coalitions. He's rolled up his sleeves to tackle genuine problems even when much of the status quo sided against him. This is experience that I believe he can rely on to tackle the big job of leading our wonderful city.

I like his opponent also. I think he's a good man. I don't, however, believe that corporate leadership is the best preparation for what we now need. Unregulated, unfettered and self-interested corporations have very much to do with the mess we're in. Now while that doesn't taint every corporate exec, corporate leadership particularly over the past while has been all about competition at any cost. Usually, it's been the public that has paid the cost.

What we need to get back to is leadership that calls us to collective, not competitive, solutions. Mike has that experience.

Because of my day job, I've sat in on way too many candidate endorsement interviews. I sat in on such interviews with both candidates. From those interviews, I've come to trust Mike McGinn. He ain't perfect, but I fundamentally trust his tendancy toward collective solutions. I know that it is collective solutions that will lead us out of our current mess.
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You know what else? Bicycling clears your head. I'm serious, and if you're a cyclist you know it is true. It's not the only way by any means, but cycling does that. That's good. I like a Mayor with a cleared head.

I'm voting for Biker Mike McGinn for Mayor of Seattle!

Keep it clear,


UPDATE: Did Biker Mike McGinn Win? See this post to find out!

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