Sunday, July 19, 2009

Get on Board Cyclists: Link Light Rail Opens!

Waiting for the Train.
Our long awaited Link Light Rail trains opened Saturday to much fanfare and 45,000 trips. We Seattlites were giddy with excitement. All smiles, waves & gawking.

After Datre Dame, our friend Vesteinn and I completed our pre-Century training ride Saturday we hopped on board for our inaugural rides. What fun!

I tried to clip in while my bicycle hung from the hook inside the train car, but other passengers started to shoot worried, confused looks my way.

Seemed to me my bike and I would take up less room!

Vesteinn likes the train!

Me and my bicycle going for a ride...on the train!

"I see that train a comin'"

Sculptures in the Beacon Hill Station 160 feet below street grade. A beautiful station.

If you squint you can see Mt. Rainier. From the high rails just as you head into the Tukwila Station you get a fabulous view of our iconic mountain. Trains reach 56mph on that spot!

Demonstrating the anti-homeless butt-leaners.

Vesteinn and his new best friend.

Dartre Dame is tickled by the train!


  1. Looked like fun.
    I had wondered if the light rail would accomodate bikes.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Supposedly there are a couple of bike spots per car plus standing room for a few more. I've heard quotes of "about" 4 to a car. Slightly better than the public buses anyways.

  3. I got some differing stories from staff, but I think I finally got it. Like you said, Robert, 2 hooks plus "allowance" for 2 more bikes per car for total of 4 bikes per car. As it's set up now, there are two cars per train, so that adds up to 8 per train on any one train.

    Theoretically, they might have 3 or more car trains (for Mariners/Seahawks/Sounders games for example) so you do the math. Don't know whether a train could be reduced to just 1 car.

    Finally, at peak hours they run every 7.5 minutes.