Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bike Valet!

Of course it was Bike Works in Seattle that provided the Bike Valet at an event I attended this evening.

The pic above is of Bike Works volunteer (staffer?), Jayanthi, who locked up and watched your bike for a few dollar donation to Bike Works. All this was for the Community Alliance for Global Justice or CAGJ. I was honored that CAGJ asked me on behalf of my union to give the keynote for this year's Strengthening Local Economies, Everywhere Dinner. Because we represent grocery and food processing workers among others, there is a strong connection between the work of CAGJ and our membership.

The CAGJ website says this about their work: Organizing workshops, guest speakers, film screenings, and study groups, we offer the community information about corporate globalization, its local impacts (including on the food we eat!), and the economic and agricultural alternatives we have as resources for resisting it. We seek to connect folks in the Puget Sound area with their local farms and food producers by organizing farm tours and our annual community gathering, the Strengthening Local Economies Everywhere Fair and Dinner.

Everything about CAGJ is sustainable so bicycles are prominently featured. The flags I believe were all made by volunteers and children.

Check out CAGJ...and Bike Works!

Don't you just love how bicycling fits into a sustainable world? I do!

Keep it sustained,


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