Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turning New Pages, Part 2


Yesterday I described how I've added ten new Pages to this blog. For each new Page there is a tab to click on to reach it. The ten tabs are located directly under the blog banner. Here are the ten new Pages:

Each Page is focused around a topic and I described the first five topics covered in the first five Pages in yesterday's post. Here is a description of the final five Pages:

The sixth Page, Scribblings, is a listing of links to all the Book Reviews I've done to date as well as a few upcoming ones. I review books that are about cycling or traveling or training or related topics.

The next Page, Heartholds, is about what I hold deeply. I haven't got much down on this one yet as it will require some thinking and being. But the intent is to put down what I believe. Mainly, this is a blog about cycling and randonneuring, but I can't help that it creeps into Life, into what it means to persevere, what it means to be human. I know some folks just want the cycling stuff, and I hope they get their dose. But I believe that what we believe is what makes us human, so I'll explore that on the Heartholds page.
The other thing about bicycles is that they are just so deceptively simplistic on the face of them. But, given the context of the Age of Oil in which we now live, they are nothing short of revolutionary. Maybe 100 years ago they weren't; today they are. So that begs a few questions even though this blog is "just about cycling and randonneuring".


Vintage is a page with links to older bicycles, and it's really nothing more than an indulgence. I love old bicycles, and I have always especially loved highwheelers. But it also captures not-as-old bicycles like my old 1975 Fuji Finest. Old bicycles are cool. So, here you'll find links to any meandering posts of mine about those cool old bikes.

One World
One World is a Page about our natural world, and again mostly because I'm just continually enthralled with our world, our critters, our natural environment. I post often about the critters I see or hear on rides, and you'll find links to those posts here.

 Sillinesses, the final Page, is just that: being silly. Consider it an antidote to the times. There are two parts to this page. The first is a list of links to posts where I get silly or goofy or, some might say, stupid. A post about the mating rituals of lightning bugs (fireflies) is one example. There is no point to it other than to notice the absurdity of our lives.

The second part of the Sillinesses Page is a collection of photos. I anticipate the collection growing. It started because I couldn't decide what photo best represents Sillinesses. So, instead of deciding I just kept adding new ones. Mainly, these are photos of family and friends. For most readers of this blog these people mean nothing to them. I'm hoping that their expressions translate even if you've never gazed on their countenance before.

The thing about this Page is that it is so out there. I never would have dreamed of such a thing a few years ago. But, as with many, I've discovered that Facebook and blogging have torn down interior barriers. For better, for worse? For me, the jury is out. Hmmm, maybe you are the jury. Gulp!  Perhaps I'll be cringing a few years hence wondering "what on earth was I thinking"? Ah well, blogging is nothing if not self-indulgent. Do check out the photos at least, and I hope you get a smile on your face too!

And again, these pages are just collections of impressions about a topic or notion. If you want to find posts about topics not covered (or covered) by the ten Pages, you can always search the blog by going to the Search box at the very top left of the blog (above the banner). Alternatively, you can check out the Topics sidebar to the right of the main text body. Enjoy!

Keep it silly, for sure,


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  1. Nice re-organization of the posts! Vesteinn