Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Walker Cuts Bicycling Funding Too

Photo by AP photographer John Hart.
The photo above is of 100,000 or so folks at Madison, WI this past Saturday protesting Governor Walker and the Republican legislature's attacks on collective bargaining rights and his my-way-or-the-highway approach to governing. As to highways, his "Wisconsin is broke" budget will increase spending on highway construction--a payoff to his highway construction campaign funders.

This same budget cuts bicycle funding as this Milwaukee-based cycling blog, Over the Bars in Milwaukee, describes.

From my 11 days in Wisconsin, I can tell you this: this struggle for the soul of civil society in Wisconsin is far from over. Efforts to recall the Republican 8 are going very well from my observations. I haven't witnessed such an outpouring of previously inactive residents taking matters into their own hands in a long, long time. Folks don't like being hoodwinked or shoved around, and that is how they feel in Wisconsin. You can fairly taste it, it's so pervasive.

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  1. LOL sorry but the Unions bullying techniques aren't working this time. The President of the Teachers Union endorsement of fraudulent sick slips for teachers is telling. The Union threats to Wisconsin businesses in this link is not working. The greedy Unions are out of line and thats why they are failing. Unions have lost the American way.

  2. What is the "American Way"? Unions aren't American? We will see how American they are when the recalls come thru.

  3. I would like to believe "the ends justify the means" mentality of the Unions is not the American way. I want my children being taught by educators who teach honesty is the best policy and do not compromise their integrity. The President of the Teachers Union endorsement of fraudulent sick slips in Wisconsin and misdirected teachers accepting them falls way below this standard. Likewise the Union threats to businesses example provided in the above link is not my idea of the "American Way". The fact America has reached this point says "American" doesn't mean much anyway.

  4. Right, Annonymous. "American" never has meant much anyway. Whenever one accuses another of being un-American, it's typically designed to put the other on the defensive. It's explicitly designed to claim ownership and to exclude others, to charge them with being less than some idealized notion that never has existed.

    We don't agree, which is fine. But staking a claim to some definition of what America is, that isn't generally shared, feels like jingoism.

    But the boycott of the M&I Bank in Wisconsin that you allude to is far from a "threat" to business, as you claim. It's simply choosing not to patronize a bank that suppoorts the Koch brothers. Seems to me, not patronizing isn't an attack, it's simply an expression of free enterprise. I would think freedom to bank where one wants would be OK by all. No threat, just aligning one's values with how one does business.

  5. Unions are killing this country. American car companies are bankrupt because of unions. Kids aren't achieving because it take more effort to fire teachers than it does to shuffle them around. The entitlement bestowed upon members by unions is counter productive, regardless of how you define productivity.

    You can tell yourself all you want that unions make the country better, and support working families, but the 'living wage' extorted by American unions is costing us jobs to overseas competition. It's a very simple equation, and we've been watching it happen for 30 years now. Haven't you seen "Waiting for Superman"?

    Love the blog, but keep some element of reality in these pages--

    (btw, I disagree with Anonymous, unions are not un-American, but they have outlived their usefulness for most industries. No one is dying on factory floors anymore, and that's not just because factories don't exist here anymore)