Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fenders and Mudflaps!

Went for a little spin yesterday through some puddles. Pictured above is the spray from the front tire hitting the mud flap. What you don't see is street water hitting my shoes...because it mainly doesn't.

I love my fenders and mudflaps. I know most folks hate fenders, but I believe that they just haven't experienced quality fenders mounted properly. They make a rainy day that much more enjoyable.

And then when I ride behind somebody without fenders on a rainy day, I just think it's plain discourteous of them. Why should my bike, my handlebar bag and I get muddy? Why should I get dirty glasses and eat grit, etc. because they go fenderless?

Yes, I could stay farther behind them, except not if I'm going to pass them on a busy road. I mean I live in the Pacific Northwest for crying out loud: it rains. Of course it's worst on a brevet or other group ride where a paceline might be in order. Damn near impossible to stay clean among the unfendered.

And even many of the fendered bikes aren't set up adequately. Many of the fenders don't go down far enough or the fender is a poor design. Part of the problem is also that quality fenders aren't sold most places. The demand isn't there. But they are out there, and if you're one of those unfendered riders who rides in the rain (how not in this neighborhood?), how about giving those of us in your wake a break so we don't have to give ourselves a brake!

Thus endeth the Fender and mudflap rant. I do love my fenders and mudflaps! And so do others. On a recent brevet, a guy walked up to me who had passed me in his truck to say how much he admired my dashing (hammered) fenders. They're just cool!

PS: You can't quite see the mudflap, but it extends out to the left of the fender. You can see the farthest left splash point. That's how far it extends.

Keep it diverted,



  1. Hello,
    I notice that from the photos and reading back a bit that you had purchased a Pareira bike. There were some articles related to the work in progress and I was wondering if you had ever done a description of what was actually built and how it has worked out for you?
    BTW, Nice blog. I enjoy reading through and seeing some of your experiences.
    Thanks, Ed

  2. I'm a huge fan of fenders and mudflaps. Not only do they keep me (and anyone following me) dry from below, they also save a lot of wear and tear on my drivetrain. I ride my bikes in all sorts of weather; why should I not use simple, lightweight, and attractive gadgets like fenders? My car isn't a dune buggy, after all; why should my bike be one?

  3. You always have the option of keeping a distance behind… or in front… of a fenderless rider.

    What's rude is when the same rider insists on passing for passing's sake, staying one bike length in front of you.

  4. Yep, I swear I will get around to posting about the Pereira in detail. Thanks for reading!