Saturday, February 19, 2011

I, Cyclist, Go for a Run to Cross Train Again

Here's our crew, my son Mike, DartreDame and SingingCyclist at the World Wraps after our respective runs. Dartre did the most she's done. The SingingCyclist had a fine run, and Mike and I did a walk/run combo to ease me into running.

What a beautiful, sunny day we had in Seattle today. Game night with the VARK's this evening!

According to the chart on introducing running into a cyclist's base training, I'll be doing 50% running with my walking next week.

Mike and I got new running shoes at Jock and Jill's so we toured around the Green Lake area. All the Seattlite's (two and four-legged) were out for a shot of Vitamin D today. Lovely.

Keep it sunnified,


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