Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cycling in India...Himalyan Style

Himalayas from the International Space Station, courtesy of Wiki.

I have recently marveled at riding through the crowded streets of India, but there is another, higher side to Indian cycling. The Himalayan mountains. I've only been there in my mind and via a recent great read: The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen.
But straight from the spirit of the French cyclo-touring pioneering comes a blogger with whom I've been communicating and his blog cataloging some wild riding: My Crazy Rides. He's got some excellent photos of the high mountain roads, accounts of multi-day cyclo-touring, funny renderings of self-dialogues and daring adventures that others find a little out there. I like it.

If you want a taste of the higher, wilder India, do check it out.

Keep it mountainous,



  1. Thanks for sharing my blog :) Fells nice :)

  2. Happy to. As I said, yours are unique adventures to most of us. We love our armchair exploring. Best to you!