Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Trying Out to Log My Training

My Profile shot from

I wasn't able to do a screen shot, so this is all you've got. I just joined up on the website. It is a training log website where you can log your training sessions, comment, share photos, etc.. It's essentially a training version of Facebook.

Here is the link to my Profile page of dailymile. If you like it, you can roam around to the other pages. So far I have zero friends on dailymile so if you do join, how about being my friend?! I sound pathetic, huh?

I joined as a way to encourage myself to take the training more seriously. The drag now is that I just injured my right shin, and it needs a rest.

But check it out, and if you know of better online logs--I'll bet there are plenty of training logs out there--please let me know.

Meanwhile, I put a widget in the sidebar to the right. Feel free to give me an attaboy when I'm training well and a poke when I need...poked!

The photo is from Dartre's and my ride up to Mt. Rainier last Saturday. A full post forthcoming.

Keep it logged,



  1. I use I'm not sure if it's better, if anything, looks slicker and possibly more full-featured and more community-oriented. However, I have had good experiences with mycyclinglog.

  2. I'll check it out. First look: I like that it is cycling only.

    I'm liking so far. Made a few friends. We'll see.