Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get the Skyhook for a Spatially Aligned Randonneur Front Rack

Tony Pereira designed and built this adjustable Front Rack Jig so he could place the rack in spatial relationship to my bike prior to building/affixing the stays for my front rack. He said the time it took to build the jig was saved just in building my rack.

See the pear logo?

The Jig fits onto quill or threadless steerers.

Curvy chainstay.

Back in my marble mason/bricklaying days, we used to joke about getting the skyhook to come lift up something we were stuggling with. Tony built his own skyhook! I just looked it up, and I'll be doggone if Wiki doesn't have a definition.

For comments from other builders on Tony's jig and other work, go to Tony's Flickr site.

For more posts about this buildup, choose the "custom bicycle" topic in the right sidebar.

Keep it spatially aligned,


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