Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Most Excellent Ride Report

Want to see a very cool Chilly ride report?

Check out this time-lapse photography of the ride I participated in Sunday: the Cascade Bicycle Club's 2010 Chilly Hilly. My static-by-comparison report of the same ride is here, but do check out Garrett Wesley Gibbons' time-lapse report first.

It will unwind your soul!

Thanks, Garrett!

Keep it time-lapsed,



  1. CurioRando,
    thank you very much for saving me last saturday march 6th on mercer island. i blew out my spare tubes and was completely stranded until you came along. thanks for the tube!! you are a good samaritan. i hope to keep the good karma alive by helping another cycler sometime down the road. thanks again and good luck with the PBP.

  2. Anon:

    My pleasure as I too have been aided in so many ways on my travels, near and far. That's what we're here for, eh? Sorry I couldn't chat longer, but we had to get back to host a gaggle of 13 year olds for a birthday sleepover.

    Happy cycling!