Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Beautiful Spring Brevet...Except it Wasn't a Brevet or Nearly Spring!

Due to Dr. Codfish's invitation to ride the 0749 Lacey-Adna-Capital Forest-Lacey Permanent on what turned out to be a great weather day, ten or so of us rode what felt like a beautiful Spring brevet.

Crows seem to be following me lately, so the giant one above was a little disconcerting, but otherwise we just had fun, fun, fun. At least that's what I heard from folks.

For me, I pushed it harder and faster than ever before on a 200k. I joined up with faster riders, and it felt great!

We encountered this large heard of elk crossing the road near the Centralia Steam Plant. Maybe 75+ Elk altogether crossed the road while we watched. Quite a scene. One didn't cross. He/she got spooked and instead galloped rather frantically on a course parallel to ours for nearly five full minutes.

The Centralia Steam Plant, a Permanent 0749 landmark of sorts.

Here is a pic of me with a paper clip replacing my sunglasses screw and half of Josh's head. Try as I might I couldn't seem to get a good pic of the two of us. Sorry Josh. It took Josh to figure out that a paper clip might work. I was too trashed from hanging on to his and Rick's wheels to think straight enough to come up with a solution. Thanks for the repair idea and execution, Josh!

For a ride report that better captures the feel I think we all had, check out Doctor Codfish's ride report. He really captured this surprisingly fabulous day.

For me, it was all about riding harder and faster while feeling stronger and injury-free. A great combination and it's still only February. Come on, Spring!

Much thanks goes to Dr. C for inviting, cajoling, organizing and staying patient in the lead-up to this ride. You gave us Spring-bustin' out randonneurs a great gift, Dr. C!

Much thanks also to Narayan Krishnamoorthy for his patience and keeping us organized and legit. We appreciate all the volunteer efforts of Narayan and Geoff that make our permanent randonneuring possible!

Keep it with a spring in your cadence,


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