Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slinging Firewood as Randonneur Cross-Training

Not much is more satisfying than a pile of firewood all stacked up. I'm not kidding when I say I could sit back with a beer and just gaze at this fine woodpile. It doesn't just stack up there by itself however.

For Thanksgiving, DartreDame (Pramila my wife and riding partner) and I created this woodpile. Below is Dartre shouldering her share of the burden. Guaranteed to make her a stronger randonneur!

As for me, check out this action series that Dartre captured. True photographic inspiration.

It may not look like randonneur training, but I can tell you it was work. And according to our physical therapist, it was dynamic exercise as opposed to static exercise. Much better preparation, she contends.

Still a skeptic? Check out this diagram from Cycling Anatomy below. I posted my review of the book here.

The Medicine Ball Throw is uncannily similar. Only problem is I forgot to switch sides until I had two logs left to throw! Next winter!

All is not for randonneuring, however. How about this for sweet reward?!

Dartre lounges in the wood-fired hot tub. Aah.

Keep it slingin'


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